Ask, Listen, Receive

I heard the quote once
"there are years that ask questions
and years that answer"

i believe this to be true
right along side that
is this minor edit

there are days that ask questions
and days that answer

moments even
everything can happen in a moment

there are moments that ask questions
and moments that answer
we can know
in a moment

you see
the rules are clear
for this to be true
we must ask
and be able to listen
and receive

if we fight the tide
the ebb and flow
we begin to go against
life's magic show
the waves become bigger
until they come crashing down
engulfing us
so that we have no more choice
but to struggle and gasp for air
we struggle
we gasp
we choke
then we are forced
to bear down
get gritty
and come out resilient
with lessons, if we can
but you see, this life, this i know for sure
it's not supposed to become a struggle
it's supposed to effortlessly flow
if you can simply tune in

can you tune in?

when we ask the right questions
this is when we have a chance
we have a choice
so choose wisely

there are days that ask questions
and mere moments that answer