Mountain Mama

As I pack up all of our things
And purge
"Get rid of it!"
A hundred donations
A few sales
And I'm back to having just what fills me
I feel like I'm free
Like I can finally see

You don't realize
collecting things is poison
it infiltrates your thoughts
your attitude
until one day you need to work to keep all the stuff that you have but the stuff that you have isn't serving you so you just decide to

the only thing I will say
is that there's only so much you can purge when you have a child
you see
being a gypsy with a kid doesn't fly
yes a permanent home is calling to me
but for now
it's the mountains you see

I'm headed back to the cabin
back to the woods
back to the tree-lined days
the only thing missing will be yogi
in place of him
my own little two legged creature

I'm skipping summer this year
leading yoga in the alpine series it appears
yoga / hike / nidra / journal workshops every Saturday
my favourite NGO work by day
writing my book by night

some think, "Oh another Tamara move, when will that girl give it up?"
they think I find the moves
but the moves find me

This isn't something I strive for
to relocate all the time
these places
this life
it's me

it IS me
not that it finds me
not that it happens to me
it is me

so come from far and wide people
join this mountain mama and her cub
in our cabin
our hot tub
our love