Heroes Journey

Five months it's been
From that fateful first day
When we walked in the door
Me with my baby
Feeling scared

And as each of you trickled in
One by one the warmth grew
The depth
The complexity
At that moment we didn't realize
The alchemy that was in play
The transformative effects that were Coming our way

Slowly we shed
Like a skin shedding its skin
the faces
the bodies
the masks
of who we used to be

the winter washed it away
and we created a sacred circle
rooted together
threads woven
dancing as a family in this great universe
like the roots of a tree intertwine with another
we will always have each other

For it was you that were my mirrors
my witnesses
my benign adversaries
my biggest fans
to the largest transformation of my life

The alchemy
the duality
the transition from light to dark
from left to right
self to selfless
from I to we

And what's left in each of us
is this:
of our own stories
in this beautiful dance of life
and always

An inner Buddha
exists in each one of us
and like an eternal sunrise
it will always be here
within us
to rise after each fall
to maintain our resilience
for we have learned to roar



We have learned to moan


We have learned to open

We have learned how to stand
rooted in our power
reaching for the stars
we have learned to open to the flow of life
from the inside out
to surrender
to tune in

My favourite sentence
today I will make no decision by myself

My favourite song
m namo bagavate vasudevaya

We have learned to command attention
start with verbs
mean it
and Create an experience
inhale up
exhale down
and breathe

We have learned about the most important thing of all:


Life force

Each of us here has embarked upon the Heros journey
whether we absolutely know it or not
we have broke out of the status quo We have come to face dragons
big dragons
or little
scary ones
or hard

And it's been our resilience
that's mattered
our ability to feel
to share
our empathy
for each other
and our power
to hold space
for ourselves

To tenderly allow ourselves to complete this
hat is huge
it signals the universe
it says
I'm ready

So when the darkness comes
once again
knocking in your ear
when there's troubles
or tears
and you need to be reminded
of your beautiful light

It will be breath that you'll use
and us that you can call upon
to remind you of the rainbow after the rain
the epic glistening of the sun

On quiet water
after the storm
of your innate goodness
your natural beauty
your inner light

You can always call upon this time
this circle
these roots
and come home