2017: Don't tell me what you want to DO, tell me how you want to FEEL

As January officially comes to an end, the first month of resolutions is over. You see people crushing it, saying they want to "get on top of 2017" or feeling like shite because they haven't done anything that they so astutely announced just one month ago that they were absolutely going to do.

It's bullshit.

Every single year we do this bullshit. I am the WORST for it. I set myself up with twelve goals. Big ones - like start a business and write a book. Then I set out on my year, coming back to those words about three times. Each time feeling like, "Oh shit, right, I want to do that" and then forgetting again. Or feeling guilty. Or being like "WOW, I did that, let's get shit done and do one more."

I say shit a lot in this post, but it's how I feel. This is a shit way to live.

Instead of telling me what you are going to DO with your life, tell me how you want to FEEL. 

Do you want to feel rushed? Hectic? Pushed to the brink of exhaustion just so you can get a shiny paper with your name on it or have the big trip with all the fancy facebook photos attached? Do you want to feel like less than, which you are sure to feel if you don't accomplish said goals. 


Do you want to feel content? Balanced? Loved? Inspired (maybe the trip makes sense now).

It's such an easy switch to flick in your head, but the second you do it, the whole world lights up.

"Okay cool, I want to feel balanced." I ask myself. "What does being balanced mean to me?" It means that we don't make more than one date a weekend. It means I do yoga every day. Or it means I eat well and make good food a priority in my life. 

Micro change in thought - macro change in the way you live your life.