I am not a Polished Woman

Photo by Sarah Snow Photography

Photo by Sarah Snow Photography

I need you to look beyond the bags under my eyes
And see a resilient mama rising each night for her babe

I ask you to look beyond the hair on my legs
And imagine that one can shower only with a wee one at her feet

I urge you to look beyond my clothing, so loved and worn
for brand names would mean less donations to my cause

I wear a story on the outside without spending a fortune on dress
that is
unless its ethically sourced bamboo

I ask you to see right through the need for perfect hair
this mane is wild and free
for all I own is a comb
no irons here
just let it be

This body I embody
it's just a meat suit from the stars
each wrinkle and laugh line a trophy
a little human erupted from the scars

please understand that these shoes I wear
I see as a barrier to the earth
high heels would merely make that gap wider
and don't dictate my worth

Oh there are days I forget makeup
and I've rarely done my nails
in fact I’ve never had a 'pedicure'
it just isn’t how I leave my trail

but my eyes
I can promise you
have a sparkle lit by the stars

my passion for life
wider than the ocean itself
my heart, it contains this fire
that could consume the whole forest

but it wouldn't
because I protect this land

I find ways every day
to kneel and kiss the ground
I will set your mind ablaze
and your heart will hear the thunder
if it comes roaring your way

yet if your eyes can keep up
with the circles I run
the mountains I climb
or the countries I roam

than trust me when they see
that i am not a polished woman