There are times


As I wake, with early morning sun filtering into the room, the view of the mountains and the lake, I open my heart to the world.

There are times
when we have time to just be
to not have to think through anything
to feel into our being rather than think about doing

there are moments
fleeting as though they seem
when we get a rest in this world

So much carnage going on
unstable and unhappy people
imprinting their darkness upon others

I'd like to think only love exists
but weeks like this prove otherwise

I feel the collective energy
so frantic surrounding me
there is so much to do
even with those who live the simple life
there's herbs to gather
gardens to cover
cabins to build.
For those that live the elite life
there's people to host
business deals to make
and hearts to win over.
For the 'middle class'
the struggle is real
The single moms
rushing to work
to pay the bills
so they can spend time with their babies
their babies being cared for by others
the guilt mounting.
For the quiet ones
feeling their inner sanctuary
slowly being infiltrated
by the noise of the world


And within it all
a deafening silence

a question

an answer

are your shoulders tense
hunched by your ears?
let them drop an inch
are the soles of your feet
firmly planted on the ground?
feel them there
is your body catching up
with what your mind already knows?
let it be slow

this human life is a lot right now
allow yourself space and time to rest
drop into the body
where sensation can guide you home
root into the ground
knowing you are enough
exactly as you are in this moment


All my love,
 - Tamara

Tamara MComment