Love is Overwhelming

This past weekend, one of my retreat participants said something that has just stuck with me like butter to bread. 


I feel this with all my heart and soul. I have always been a "crier" but these days it's on the daily. There's not a day that goes by without my heart leaking from my eyes, but it's not in a negative way. It's simply love, feeling the love of this world, that is just so BIG. It's seeing the utter magic in simple daily interactions: the way a server at a restaurant smiles and takes care of me, the way a leaf flutters by on the wind, the way I connect with a friend or the way a dog greets me with wild abandon. I feel the trees around me when walking in nature, protecting me, hugging me tight. I feel the love from my family, so far and yet, so dear to my heart. I feel the magic in an artist doing what he loves, knowing it's their full expression of their perfection or when I eat the food of another, made for me with love. I even cry when a friend offers to buy me a 'blow-out'. Not because I want this or even care, but because it's their way of showing their love and I can see this. I cry every single day, at some point, during the work that I do - both with the charity and with the yoga passion projects, because it's my purpose and am feeling and breathing that with each video I make or class that I teach.

When we get down to it, L-O-V-E is so overwhelming. It washes over you like a wave and then gives anything that you gave back to you ten-fold. It is worth every bit of vulnerability in this world. It makes life so beautiful that it becomes like a moving song or a stunning piece of art. Love is the sun and we are constantly basking in it's presence. Let the warmth of it infiltrate your soul.

Open your heart to love. 

It's worth every second of overwhelm.

Tamara MComment