If you only knew

If you only knew
the light that you brought into my life
upon your soul entering mine

you helped me to see so clearly
to shed the unnecessary
to focus on the light

the work's been thorough
and you're not even here yet
i can't imagine that will change

as I look around
with my toes in the dirt,
my heart in the sky
and the sun upon my head
and i think, "how did I get here"

to this place of love
this life of flow
this world of surrender

I couldn't have done it without you

you, kidlet, are my greatest teacher to be

promise me that we'll dance

you'll learn from me
i'll learn from you
we'll both fall
we'll both laugh
we'll both get up and try again

I'll promise you safety
kindness and compromise
care and concern
a lot of heart and soul
more love than you can bear
and squishy barefoot walks

Your dad is a man that I chose for you
as he chose me
he'll teach you all the things I don't know
you get the best of both worlds

he'll never give up on you
and neither will i
together, our hearts are your home

wherever you go
no matter how near or far
you are part of us
you can't get lost

you'll always live here
beneath my beating heart
the place that you started

for my body
is the first country you lived in
the first place you called home