You'll see.

Your company has been acquired they say. 
By corporate America. 
There are protests against them. 
But people you respect feel it's right. 
You'll see.

You need a new transmission they said. 
Probably should have changed that fluid. 
It might be thousands of dollars.
You're supposed to go to Portland next week? 
It will be okay. 
You'll see.

You want to own a tiny house here? 
Let's start a social enterprise for that. 
In fact, let's create the art of conscious spirit making. 
Wild wines. 
You're in. 50/50. 
Here comes a year of not knowing how to do anything, but starting your own business. It will be hard. 
You'll see.

Oh, so you want to work in international development? 
But you don't have a masters. 
You don't live in D.C. or New York. 
Or even Toronto. 
But maybe, with the right resume, you'll secure a communications position. 
You'll see.

You want to change the world? 
Why not write a documentary? 
Maybe that's your art. 
Maybe that's your light for social issues. 
$6600 and four months is all it takes. 
You'll see.

You got a job offer from farmers, both organic and conventional? 
But your heart won't let you be there?
You want to travel?
You fell in love?
You don't know where you're going to live, what you're going to do, or with whom you'll spend your days?
It will all be okay.
You'll see.

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