Oh sacred morning ritual
I close my eyes
smelling the aroma
sipping that first sip
the coffee i lovingly frothed
for me
just for me
as the full moon energy
travels the rivers of my body
as the energy of love
flows from my crown
to my brain
to my heart
to the tips of my fingers
to the soles of my feet

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Not everyone

I just don’t buy into society 
I simply don’t
and that’s okay 
not everyone needs to think the same way 

not everyone 
buys a house
to renovate and sell
some people want to make a home
not everyone will buy the best investment 
unless an owl flies into the roof when they're in it

not everyone 
buys a BMW
because it looks good
when a Honda CRV 
has a picnic table in the hood 

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Why do we retreat?

Occasionally, we need to pause - and step away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. One way to do this is to get away from our daily life and go on retreat. Far more than a vacation, a retreat offers us time to ourselves to rest, heal, reflect, and renew our spirit. It is a time to cocoon so that we may emerge renewed, refreshed, and ready to return to our everyday lives with a new perspective. A retreat gives us time for uninterrupted meditation so that we may go deep within and spend time with ourselves. 

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It's pretty simple

it’s pretty simple
I just wanna hear jazz drifting 
on the breeze 
as bees buzz by
around the trees
I want the wind 
to play with my hair
dancing a tango 
I can never win
and my barefeet can
dance in the sand
the grass 
the earth 
the sun kissing our face
as we forget time & space
it’s pretty simple 

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Tamara MComment

lately I’ve been thinking about soft activism
softness that asks the question

when have we had enough? 
how can we remind those making the
decisions to clear cut the land
to spray Her with chemicals
to create policies to damage it
that they too are inherently perfect?
how can we love them more?

for they too are feeding a family 
for they too want to see this world bright
for they too want to light up the center of their brain that indicates pleasure
to feed the hungry ghosts
just like us 

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It can only expand

The snow hangs
suspended in the air
our fingers smeared with paint
our hearts full
with the right song
at the right time
moments like these
show us the way
to choose love
choose love
as it shows up in our lives

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This is tea

{see} beauty as you set the scene
make it magic
make it whimsical
fresh flowers
favourite book
your best blanket
let your eyes feast first
{touch} as you pick up the ceramic mug
let it caress your hands
warm you
love you
{smell} as you lift the mug to your nose
close your eyes

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All the babies

It’s like I have all the babies
my baby
and my creations
SDG Yoga
like a toddler I haven’t been able to give my time yet
Elemental Freedom
just waiting to be birthed
Cottongrass: a story of illumination
a sparkle in my eye

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Me & White Supremacy

NOTE: This post may be offensive to BIPOC and after all that you go through day in and day out, I encourage you to choose wisely whether or not to read on. I apologize in advance as I bare my soul here. I hope that my awareness can light others to do the work, as I am doing consistently.

A few months ago, I noticed a woman I followed on Instagram was about to host a 28 day challenge called Me and White Supremacy.

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Sometimes it takes years to learn a lesson

Sometimes it takes years to learn a lesson
time upon time of doing the same thing
in different ways
at different times
sometimes with the same man
sometimes with different ones
sometimes you look around
thinking have they really all healed their shit?
am I the only one left behind?
and then a force of gravity
a wave of energy
a chat with a best friend
or a sunrise hitting the peaks just right
and you know

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No time like this moment

There is no time
like this moment
to seize the rest of your life
to truly say
I’m excited about tomorrow
I’m ready to live the rest of my life
no regrets about how long a lesson took
to step into surrender
means to say it was perfectly timed
we are right on time
to live the rest of our life
and to fully love
the rest of our life

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Sometimes we just need to take a walk

Sometimes we just need to take a walk
sometimes we need to say
I’m going to take myself somewhere beautiful today
some days it feels good to pull the car over
childcare can wait 10 minutes
because for this moment
I have to walk
I have to feel
my feet on the ground
I have to feel
blood pumping through my veins
I have to feel
my lungs breathing the coldest air

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The sleeping giant

I’m calling out
the sleeping giant
to come lumbering from his cave
where are you
I whisper
I need you
I’m ready
I’ve done the work
conscious partnership is what I crave

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I choose love

It must be scary out there
for the ones who don’t choose love
when it’s sitting right in front of them
but tonight
I crumple
and say
it’s my last day
I choose love
I shout to the universe
I understand it’s not wit

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In a world that rewards fast, I want to go slow

In a world that rewards fast
I want to go slow
soaking up the magic of each moment
basking in the presence of feeling alive
in a world that rewards busy
I want to create a revolution of rest
allowing FOMO to have no meaning no more
learning to honour our bodies 
our needs 
our own self care first before all else
can you imagine?
a world where everyone has radiant health
walking around full cups 

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I'm dangerous

I’m dangerous 
because I am happy alone
because I am resilient 
and loud
I refuse to quiet down
I’m dangerous
because I’m well and able
ready to stare you in the eyes
as I pass you on the street
to share my heart 
or in the bad moments
to kick you in the knees

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