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take one deep wild breath

weddings, death, love and living a life fully alive

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Rainbow Waterfall

death + grief

what would happen if we tended one another when going through the hardest parts of life?

what could death look like if we lived our best lives?


About Tamara:

A lover, a daughter, a sister, a mother.

I love life. Living it to the fullest expression - whatever that may be for everyone - is at the top of my list. I love love. Getting set up to conduct weddings was a natural fit for me. I also sip the slowest, softest, candlelit tea when it comes to pausing this life to work with our grief. To work with death. To philosophize about what happens when we die. I want to go into my 'end' knowing I lived bravely. So I help steward others as they cross over.

My work is writing, teaching, weddings and death. 

Oh and I run an Ancestral-based Astrology business.

Stars at Night

death & grief

what does it mean to live a life so well that when you die

you're ready for the next journey?

what would it look like to have emotional and energetic support when someone you love is going through something big?

for death doula and grieftending support, email




Lake Country, BC, Canada

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