Nature + Nidra Classes

I’d like to acknowledge with great reverence that I host these classes on the traditional and unceded territory of the Syilx/Okanagan people.
I offer one scholarship spot for each workshop.



Wild Breath

Wild Breath


FIRE on July 27th 9 - 12 p.m.

Elemental Freedom Workshops (1/2 DAY)
April 20 : WATER: SOLD OUT
July 27: FIRE (three hour workshop: discussion, breathwork, yoga nidra + nature) $44
Oct 19: AIR

In these workshops we deep dive into the science + magic of yoga nidra and nature, with the season or element taking the main focus. It includes circle time, deep rest yoga nidra, along with a nature walk.



Anger has a bad reputation, in fact, the entire pathway through spiritual bypassing is lined with ways to avoid, dispute, cast a shadow over and ignore anger. The good news is, we're supposed to be angry when we see injustice, that is angers' most precious and sacred ground. We've demonized anger into oblivion until it's so far shadowed that the mere mention of it raises the ire of judgement from even seemingly sensible people in our midst. 

Enter this fully immersive, full-bodied weekend where the elemental tools of emotional intelligence have the opportunity to rise through the ashes of 'nice' and 'good', into the fields of warrior for your own soul, warrior for your family and warrior for your community and the planet.

On the sacred ground of trust, willingness, forgiveness and choice you will find vitality here, you will find a radical shift, and a profound truth.

As you address these patterns of suppression, you recalibrate perception and that small, quarter-turn-twist has the potential for profound transformation: one pattern, one trigger and one relationship at a time. 



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(From the HIBERNATE gathering)
Thank you Tamara for the beautiful day and a great group. I went back and hugged my tree and brought home one of its pine cones. It made a mess on my counter which made me realize life is messy and messes can be cleaned up and everything made new and fresh again.
— M.C.
I just want to thank you for Saturday. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it truly had a profound effect on me. I’ve always felt grounded in Nature, so your ability to relate that with so many more aspects of my life has, and will have an impact on me for a long time. I’ve meditated before and started to explore inside, but you, as a guide, truly took me on a journey of healing and belief. You are very gifted at what you do and should be proud to be able to impact on so many people in a positive way. Thank-you for sharing the raw, candid stories from your life, I’m inspired.
— R.S.
EARTH became a profound gathering with the teachings of the Law of the Earth on “enough-ness”. Participants gathered to share hearts and to declare their intention to work in co-creation with the Earth. To find their “ENOUGH”.

EARTH became a profound gathering with the teachings of the Law of the Earth on “enough-ness”. Participants gathered to share hearts and to declare their intention to work in co-creation with the Earth. To find their “ENOUGH”.

I Dream in Evergreen See a tree. Be a tree. Save a tree. This two hour class is designed to help bring the magic of evergreen tree therapy into your awareness. We'll embrace the lessons that our tree friends teach us and reflect on our existing relationship with nature through breathwork, journaling, movement and yoga nidra.

I Dream in Evergreen
See a tree. Be a tree. Save a tree.
This two hour class is designed to help bring the magic of evergreen tree therapy into your awareness. We'll embrace the lessons that our tree friends teach us and reflect on our existing relationship with nature through breathwork, journaling, movement and yoga nidra.


Sustainable Development Yoga: Self Care for World Care

It came to me in a nidra, to assign a yoga pose to all 17 SDGs and I pitched it to the steering committee. Now here it is, taking off (literally) into something bigger than I can comprehend. 

Get the practice here for $5 >>


PRIVATE Nidra + Nature Sessions

Yoga Nidra is an ancient sleep-based meditation practice and the most profound tool I've experienced. The benefits are massive, as a regular practice:

  • Builds grey matter in the pre-frontal cortex: the area of our brain used for discernment, decision making and emotional stability and balance.

  • Increases GABA, seratonin, dopamine and melatonin (all the sleepy feel-good hormones).

  • Balances the nervous system, restores the body, and calms the mind.

  • Allows you to drop past the monkey mind to a place of pure acceptance and awareness.

  • Has been proven to improve conditions like insomnia, addiction, PTSD, anxiety & depression, and chronic illnesses.

The most incredible experiences I've had in yoga nidra have been in one-on-one sessions, because of the resonance and healing energy that's transmitted. Work with me through six sessions that will include six yoga nidras, take-home recordings, and a combo of nidra, nature, tears, laughter & tea. If you're ready to commit to some real change, I couldn't be happier to be a guide + witness.  

[One Off Private Nidra: $80/hr (includes recording)]
[Corporate Team Lunch Hour or Retreat Nidra: $80/hr]
[Six 90-min sessions with six deep dive meetings, workbook, and lots of love : $600]


I am a person who has done a lot of self work in the past. This practice helped me to remember what I’ve discovered in the past and bring it to the surface on a more consistent basis. Moving in the direction of what’s most important. Overall, I just felt more in touch, more in the flow, more connected, and more grounded. I felt more connected to the bigger picture of life.
— Yoga Nidra Private Sessions Client

PRIVATE Yoga Classes

Enjoy yoga-ing in the comfort of your own home. One of the things I've most enjoyed doing is a Saturday morning series with 4-6 people in one of their homes. We yoga from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. and then enjoy coffee, tea and community. What an amazing way to start the day. 

I charge $80 an hour regardless of the amount of people and can customize a four or eight week series based on what you and your family/friends need and want. I can do a beginners series or more advanced, or include more meditation or pranayama (breathwork). I love to do a four week series based on the four seasons or elements. Email for more info.



I found yoga ten years ago, in online videos and random studios across the world as I dropped into a variety of classes. I knew it made me feel grounded, powerful and refreshed. It wasn't until I moved to the woods outside of Kelowna in 2014 and found a local guru that I started practicing regularly, seeing profound changes on and off the mat.

I dabbled in and out of meditation for my whole adult life, with teachers here and there and on my own through Oriah Mountain Dreamer and Ram Dass books. For my 29th birthday, I attended a meditation retreat and, terrified to go quiet for days, walked out of it gentler and lighter than I had ever felt in my life. I still feel it is the kindest thing we can do for ourselves in this crazy world.

Over my first winter as a new mom, I studied my 200 hour training with the real deals: Sonya (Uchita) & Jeff (Harshad) Thomlinson. They now teach at the Amrit Yoga Institute. In May, I completed a 100 hour training in Yoga Nidra (a transformative meditation practice) on the Sunshine Coast. 

I want to build a different yoga experience.

I focus on self inquiry, breathwork, alignment, and awareness. Re-learning (or remembering) true yoga is much more about just doing postures and it is accessible to all. Yoga is "the union of opposites". It's noticing duality in our lives and bringing ourselves back to the way of the middle path, stilling the fluctuations of the mind. It's self-inquiry and learning to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are and the world as it is. And it's ultimately about remembering who we truly are. It's incredible.

Kripalu yoga teaches three stages: will, willful surrender, and total surrender. Life can flow with beautiful ease when we learn to let go of the steering wheel. Work with me to learn effortless effort on the mat and then don't be surprised when life starts to change off the mat. 


Thank you so much to Tamara McLellan of “My Wild Heart”, and Sarah Snow of “Labyrinth Holistic Health” for providing me with a one-day experience that has changed my life—this earthly existence so to speak. Sarah & Tamara teamed up to provide the most incredible workshop ever, “Living A Fully Conscious Life” in the Big White/Kelowna area. They went above and beyond in what they provided for our group; the day was abundant in knowledge and activities (yoga, hiking, discussion, meditation, food, tea). Connected with others, marinated in nature & vitamin D; really, I could not have asked for more. Looking forward to the next event! Thank you! Namaste.
— Andrea Gunn



November 17 from 9 am - 3 pm., eight joyful souls gathered to learn the art of self care and to meet their inner Elder. We started with a cacao circle, discussed the tools of nature and nidra and the science and magic behind both, had a forest experience, lunch and two deep nidras. It was sacred.


I finally got to come and share some love my Prairies peeps! We gathered September 8th in Clear Lake, Manitoba to meditate, move our bodies, journal, and get some nature time in. The 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. workshop will happen again in Fall of 2019.


Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 8.15.19 AM.png

We did it! Seventeen women gathered in January, 2018 to raise funds for women who have no choice on what they are exposed too on a daily basis. Suzie Doratti and I co-led a sweet class to raise money for HOPE in Her Eyes: a fundraiser event for combined charities Her International and H.O.P.E. Outreach.

Initially, I wasn't sure if I wanted to do something like this, but the candlelit class started with a deep nidra and by that moment we realized we were just showing up as ourselves. Suzie led us through an empowering practice to connect in a different way with our bodies and the moment where we all rose into Warrior I was one I'll never forget. I felt bolder, stronger, and more powerful than ever before. Thank you to Tandava Yoga for donating the space. Read the lead-up article in KelownaNOW here. I have a feeling we'll teach this one again.

RETREAT: A 24 Hour Deep Rest Forest Retreat

 ------- RECAP FROM THIS RETREAT here --------

One Night DEEP REST Retreat (3).jpg


Big White Ski Resort hosted their annual Wellness Weekend on July 8th & 9th. Each day featured two guided meditations, two yoga classes (one at Black Forest Day Lodge and the other on top of the mountain - guided by yours truly), as well as hikes, journaling and nutritious cooking classes - all inspired by the beauty and serenity of the mountains. It was my favourite weekend to date.

Here's a recap written by Big White Summer: Our Favourite Moments of Wellness Weekend


A dear friend of mine swallowed the most poisonous plant in North America last summer. Upon awaking from a coma, she realized that her Dharma (souls mission) was to share the profound teachings she received in this space.

It's interesting that the profound teachings I've learned from the spaciousness of yoga nidra; of bliss, unconditional love and profound acceptance and awareness, have overlapped with Sarah's teachings from 'the void.'

As sisters we gathered nine women and men on the mountain, first to honour the four directions in a Sacred Smudge ceremony, then to hear the Story & Lessons from the Great Return in a small cabin in the woods, next to yoga and nidra on the top of the mountain, and finally to join together in lunch and community at the Globe Cafe. We closed our circle with an ancient Hawaiian prayer - Ho'pono pono - that circles out the four elements of life: love, forgiveness, repentance, and gratitude.
I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you. I'm sorry.


Nature Yoga Classes

For the summer of 2017 I taught weekly Friday Mountain Yoga classes at the Bullwheel and for the summer of 2018 it was waterfront classes on the lake in Peachland.



This six-week yoga series bravely connected women with the knowledge of true alignment in each postures, complete with take-home cards for the home. We talked about a yama + niyama in each class to connect with the ancient teachings of yoga on a deeper level. We started with a pranayama (breath practice) and ended with a 1/2 hour slow flow. It was a series for those who didn’t want to do a full yoga training to understand the practice in a deeper way.